bohemian whimsical design

Bohemian Whimsical Design by Eternal Event Design

Photo by Brian Minson Weddings  In modern usage, the term "Bohemian" is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives.  Definitely can relate to this being in the event planning industry.  The original “Bohemians” were travelers or refugees from central Europe (hence, the French bohemian, for “gypsy”). The bohemian design is random and busy but whimsical. Bohemian hit fashion or Boho-Chic in the early 21st century or by contrast short bobbed hair was often a Bohemian trait in 1909 shattering hairstyle trends then.  After researching Bohemian trends I think you could say that Bohemian is something new or pushes the envelope of traditional or fundamental design. This centerpiece was inspired by taking bohemian whimsical design mixing it with a blush gold candelabra and accenting the table with bright yellow napkins making the design cheery and optimistic.  The greenery whimsical design choice blended with such a pillar vessel as a blush gold candelabra makes the piece more free spirit. If you love greenery along with a little whimsy, this design fits the bill.  The yellow mini carnations with blue thistle and free spirit roses that have a very beautiful form, unique colors and exquisite scents all displayed on a canvas of textured greenery.  The free spirit rose petals that puddle at the base of the centerpiece bring the large piece to the guest’s level as if the centerpiece is sharing its beauty.  The best part is the centerpiece design might not be traditional but the table scape is a formal setting with gold flatware, white china rimed with gold and crystal glassware.  Posh Invitations designed the menu cards playing off the coral color and blush gold.  The venue is Chandler Arizona Noah's. This design can be utilized as an entrance piece or several in room to bring height to the room or bookends on a head table making statements on each end. What I enjoyed most about this piece is watching on lookers view the piece circling at times as if they try to figure out the piece.  No other design scheme can allow you the freedom to be a little “nutty” and throw caution to the wind as does implementing a Whimsical style of design. Jamy Belcher / Event Planner / Certified Florist Eternal Event Design