Bistro Lighting

Incorporating bistro lights into your lighting design is a wonderful way to add a touch of sophistication to your event.  Bistro lights emit a classic look and work especially well in rustic settings such as barns, in old mill and warehouse spaces, in natural environments out-of-doors and in tents.  For outdoor applications we use bistro strands that are 100% water proof.  As Phoenix metropolitain event lighting pros, we work closely with you to create a look and vibe that will exceed your expectations!

Gobo Lighting

Eternal Event Design can add texture to your space by incorporating pattern projections. Pattern projections or “break ups”, as the industry often calls them, can add another layer of sophistication to your uplit walls, dance floor or ceiling. Patterns can make a boring space into a well-thought focal point in a room’s design.

Eternal Event Design, LLC uses Gobos often in weddings and corporate events to add a personal touch to the look of an event. With company logos, the happy couple’s names, or just about any artwork turned into a projected image, the possibilities are endless. Eternal Event Design, LLC can turn a custom Gobo out in as little as a week. Common locations that custom Gobos are projected in corporate or wedding situations are on the wall behind the head table, the center of the dance floor, on the floor in front of the main entrance and the most dominant wall. “Stock” Gobo patterns are also widely used for these events, contact Eternal Event Design, LLC today to help with your event lighting needs.

Up Lighting

Eternal Event Design also provides LED battery operated up lighting that will change the look of any room with many different colors to choose from. Contact our team today for an event lighting package proposal.